When bollywood dance classes near me  is inspired by Arabic music?

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If you’re a follower of Bollywood musicals, you’ve definitely heard some tunes. I reminded you of a movie you saw or a hit song you heard. Have you ever wondered what the secret behind these songs for bollywood dance classes near me

One evening bollywood dance classes near me , while I was in the hotel room recovering from the fatigue of walking a long day in an Indian city , I decided to turn on the TV. As usual bollywood dance classes near me , when arriving in a new country with different cultures, I turn to local TV channels to get a glimpse of common styles in art and entertainment bollywood dance classes near me. While I was curiously following the content of the many available channels bollywood dance classes near me, one of them attracted me bollywood dance classes near me. She would play old songs accompanied by cheerful dances (from the colours of the video I guessed it was for the eighties or nineties).

The songs were repeated, their tunes familiar to my hearing and I almost repeated them. I focused a little bit and looked through my memory  and it recalled the rhythms of songs I knew. This is for Hisham Abbas, and the next is for Ragheb Alama. Is it possible that these songs that I originally liked are Indian?!!bollywood dance classes near me

How to find bollywood dance classes near me?

The journey of research and investigation began. And how happy I was when I found evidence and proof that Hisham and Ragheb did not reproduce these songs and that they are original. Rather, they are not an exceptional case bollywood dance classes near me. The catalogue of Indian films is full of songs that are “inspired” and sometimes “reproduced” from other cultures as diverse as possible. Arabic songs are no exception bollywood dance classes near me.

Indian songs are mostly fast-paced. Their different distribution sometimes makes the original syllable very difficult to identify. Here I have chosen eight Arabic songs, the release date of which preceded the Indian version by years 


Songs of the study period

I have memories and nostalgia with her. She danced to her tunes and listened to her continuously for hours and hours bollywood dance classes near me.

Yagali: For the Kuwaiti guitar group. Launched in 2002.

Indian version: Ya Ali song from the movie Gangster. Production year 2006.

The sweetest thing about you: by Hisham Abbas. Launched in 1995 bollywood dance classes near me.

Indian version: Suniye To song from the movie Yes Boss. Production in 1997.

God be upon you, sir: Ihab Tawfik was released in 2002 .

Indian version: Joshile Jawan Ho song from the movie Fight Club. Production year 2006.

Shiloha Sheila: The Miami collection was released in 1997 bollywood dance classes near me.

Indian version: Dil Mein Bade’s guitar song from the movie Apna span money money. Production year 2006 bollywood dance classes near me.

Omar Diab and Indian songs

It’s okay to devote a separate paragraph to Omar Diab. He seems to have the lion’s share as an inspiration for the music industry in bollywood dance classes near me. Here I chose only two songs. But the list is long.

Aoudouni: Launched in 1998.

Indian version: The song of Allah Hafiz from the movie Bhool Bhulaiyya. Production year 2007.

Dictate with you: Launched in 2000.

Indian version: Kaho Na Kaho song from the movie Murder. Production year 2004. It was used in the film with the approval of the songwriter Omar Diab bollywood dance classes near me.

Classical songs

The evoking of Arabic songs in Indian film music is not recent. It also extended to classical singing and its most prominent figures such as Um Kulthum and her song “Balad El Mahboub” bollywood dance classes near me.

On the Country of the Beloved: composed by Riad Al-Sunbaty. Launched in 1935.

Indian version: Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi song from Awara movie. She was performed by Lata Mangeshkar, one of the giants of Indian song. The film was produced in 1951 bollywood dance classes near me.

The following song may not be considered classical by musical standards, but it dates back to the black-and-white era bollywood dance classes near me:

Mustafa Ya Mustafa: Performed by Bob Azzam and composed by Mohamed Fawzy. Launched in 1960 bollywood dance classes near me.

Indian version: Dekta hun koi ladki haseen song from Sanam teri kasam movie. Production in 1982 bollywood dance classes near me.

With the exception of the song “Tamli Maak”, I do not know if these quotes are known to the original songwriters and protect their intellectual rights. Regardless of the moral aspect, this quote reflects the cosmic character of music bollywood dance classes near me. Music crosses borders and transcends barriers to the hearts of listeners, regardless of language or culture.

What do you think of these songs? Do you prefer the Arabic or Hindi version? And do you know other Arabic songs that inspired Bollywood?

With names and videos. Learn about the most important Indian songs bollywood dance classes near me

Nashwa Tariq Radwan 

Over the years, some Bollywood songs in India have succeeded overwhelmingly in terms of Indian music and dance, to the point that many think that these songs are presented for the first time, but in fact, those modern Indian songs are songs with a new reformulation and music distribution of some old Indian songs in the past, between the eighties and nineties, so we will monitor for you the most famous and successful Indian songs that were redistributed music again as follows:  

1 – Maine Tujhko Dekha’s song:

This song is from the movie Golmaal Again in 2017 starring Ajay Devgan and Barinetti Chopra, sung by “Neeraj Shridhar, and Sukriti Kakar”, with lyrics by Kumar, music by Amal Malik, and music distribution by T-Series, but this song is considered a new reformulation and distribution of Neend Churayee Meri from the film Ishq in 1997 starring Ajay Devjan, Kajol, Aamir Khan, and John Chawala, sung by Kumar Sanu, Odit Narayan, Alka Yajnik, Kavita Krishna Murthy, Written by Rahat Induri and composed by Anu Malik, this song was also not the original melody, as its melody was inspired by the American song Sending All my Love by American singer and poet Lineyar.

2 – The Hamma song:

This song is from the 2016 film Ok Jaanu starring Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, sung by Gobin Nautial and Shasha Tirupati, and composed by Badshah, Taneshk Bagshi, but is a remake of Andha Arabi from the 1995 film Bombay, sung and composed by A.R. Rahman. 

3- Dilbar song:

The 2018 film Satyameva Jayate starring John Abraham, singing both: “Neha Kakar, Dehvani Bhanushali, Ika”, and the lyrics “Shabbir Ahmed, Ika”, composed by Taneshk Bacchi, but the original song was titled Dilbar Dilbar from the movie Sirf Tum in 1999 starring both Sanjay Kapoor and Sushmita Sun, sung by Ka Yagnik and composed by Nadim Sharavan. 

4- Aapka KIA Hoga Janabe Ali:

From the 2010 film Houseful 1 starring Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone, sung by Mika Singh, Sundhi Chauhan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sajid Khan, Arun Longley, lyrics by Samir, and music by T-Series, but the original song Apni To Jaise Taise from the 1981 film Laawaris starring Amitabh Bachchan and Zeenat Aman, vocals by Kishuri Kumar, and lyrics by Prakash Mehra. 

5 – Yeh Mera Dil song:

The 2006 film Don starring Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra, sung by Sundhi Chauhan, lyrics by Javed Akhtar, and composed by Shankar, Ehsan and Liwi, but this song is a paraphrasing and arrangement of Yeh Mera Dil from the 1978 film Don starring Amitabh Bachchan, sung by Asha Bhosli, lyrics by Indivar, music by Kalyanji Anandji. 

6 – Mungda Song

The 2019 film Total Dhamaal starring Ajay Devgan and Madhuri Dikshet, sung by Jyotika Tangri, Shan, Subhru Ganguly, composed by Ghurov Roshi


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