Free Things to Do in Los  Vegas

There are 75 things to do free in los vegas now a days due to the wide range of country offers for our nations  including free interactions ,free shows and free entertainments  

Atlantis Fountain

Atlantis Fountain is a free show perform on the forum  shows that tells the story of   King Atlas with his children .In Atlantis Fountain show a 9 foot tall statue is use with  fire and water to entertainment the peoples present in   Los vegas 

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Sunset Stampede

The sunset Stampede is a  wonderful light show located in the sam’s town of Los vegas  .This  is an art of light and fountain  with the including of animatronic animals and babbling brooks .The duration of sunset stampede light show  is 10 minutes .

 Wynn’s Lake

The  Wynn’s Lake is a amazing waterfall show which makes  with 4000 lights  to produce holographic  and puppetry images in the 40 foot long waterfall which is set with the music  and this show is start from 6pm to midnight  .This is outltanding free thing to do in los vegas peoples who present in los vegas are also visit different restaurants like water’s edge outdoors  Lakeside and  SW Steakhouse  which is located in the  Wynn’s Lake .

Free Live Country Music 

This show is not completely free its a sponsored show for the customers of Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill located in los vegas ,if you  drink  from toby keith bar then you allow to enjoy this free live country music performed nightly 

Bellagio’s Symphony 

The Bellagio’s Symphony  is  a best  free thing to do in los vegas  which help to memorized old los vegas city with the help of  water and light show  this is an other free thing to do in los vegas  the duration of this show is 15 minutes with the concert of  opera, Broadway ,pop music and classical melody song .

World Famous Dueling Pianos

The Dueling Pianos is a free bar located in los vegas for the public of united states which is open in the afternoon and it’s free until 8 pm  and provides several visiting shows and entertainment free attractions  including light show ,waterfall show ,music and etc 

Vegas volcano

The  Vegas volcano is a free fireball show located in los vegas which is made with fire spray and steam .It’s also set with the outstanding excellent wonderful music .This fire and light show starts from 6 pm to 11 pm .

Bellagio Conservatory

The Bellagio Conservatory is a 1400 square feet garden which is designed according to  different   seasons and holidays  every year  this park is located in the lobby of Bellagio hotel at los vegas the is outstanding free thing to do in los vegas  due to the peaceful atmosphere and  wonderful beauty of this garden ,

M&M World

Actually, In los  vegas M&M word is a story of 4 chocklates  located   south end of strip in different hotels at los vegas  each flour is decorated with the wonderful  different themes   sweets and  activites  for the sponsor of different candy companies  .If you are a chocolate lower then don’t miss this free entertainment attractions 

Hershey’s Chocolate World

The Hershey’s Chocolate World is located in the casinos of las vegas  .when you join this entertainment  free show  you can feel it in the word of chocolate ,you check different kind of chocolates surrounding you  here 800  different candy and chocolates are free for the people of las vegas  who join this free entertainment show .In this show the statue of liberty is shown which is made of 800 pounds of milk chocolate  

Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat

When you go to Las Vegas wildlife  you see Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat island  which covers 15 acres of  streams ,waterfalls and lush foliage. You can imagine Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat is a home of different birds ,fish and turtles  The Features of Flamingo  ultra temperature  control room is install for two brown pelicans, ducks, and Sacred Ibis as like swans ,koi fish and turtules 


Fremont is a line street for display different kind of events in las vegas  including musicians ,Artist ,vendors ,Cuisine,psychedelic electric show ,sky music ,light show 


Fishy is the outstanding amazing free attraction show coming in the winter season of united states in las vegas ,this fishy show perform in the  117,000-gallon aquarium located in the  Silverton Casino at las vegas the  tropical fish and mermaids shims in the aquarium with the flow of water speedly and interacts with the public guest  the timing of this show starts 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm daily 


Decadence is a chocolate Factory provides premium chocolates and gifts  with wine to factory tour persons .These factory visitors also purchase some chocolates and also join chocolate making classes 

 CBS Television City Research Center

If you want to become a part of the test audience then you must do it freely  by joining MGM and  CBS Television Research Center.visitors come in this research center and sit on the front of computer screen for watch CBS TV show pilot

Gold and Silver Pawnshop

The gold and silver pawnshop is a  outstanding attractions of public point  with free entrance .In this public spot visitors find different kind of antiques ,,jewelry , coin and currency  this is started from since 1988

Carnaval Court

The Carnaval Court is located at Harrah’s for  nightlife attraction  as a open air street party  in this party live Bands ,DJ  perform 24 Hours day and night for the public attraction and also serving amazing cocktails 

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