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You can easily calculated how many tablespoons in a ¼ cup with the help of measuring cup size .it depends upon the size of cup ,usually ¼ cup considered quarter of a cup ,you can convert tablespoons to cup then simply calculated If you are not in the position to measure a cup in your hand then in this situation you know the number of tablespoons is equivalent come in handy .This method allow you for the measurements of cups in any receipie  and also help you if you make double recipe then you easily measure and convert it  all  the  ingredients of recipe in to double according to this method 

How to calculate tablespoons in a cup ?

Now ,a days there are 16 tablespoons in a normal standard cup size and it is easily calculated with the formula of 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, and 1 cup conversions you just simple use this conversions next time for the calculation of recipe in a cup and after that convert it into tablespoons.

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Calculating system for us  

In united states of america peoples use a system ‘Customary System (USCS) ’ for a measuring of  tablespoons in a cup   this system is also helpful for the measuring of other mathematical units like length ,weight ,temperature etc ,Some similarity of this system is also followed in british imperial system .this system is safe and helpful for the measuring of recipe ingredients in a simple way and safly  Most of the recipes in the world use US customary measurements like these systems 

  • 1 US Cup = 236.588 mL

imperial system

The Imperial system is used in the united states of america to measure different things in to different units ,it depends upon the type of material  usually measure  the quantity of materials in different units like  feet, quarts, miles, inches, and pounds .this system mostly called british imperial system which is adopted most of the countries in the world  

metric system

This system help you to calculate different quantities of material depends upon their types like  grams ,kilograms ,meeter ,kilometer ,litter 

Tablespoons Conversation 

United kingdom international  :    1 US Cup = 15.77 metric tablespoons(Tbsp) 

Basic Tablespoons conversions 

We already mentioned in this article there are  16 tablespoons in one cup but at this point i explain it with the example quotes  which help you to convert lower and higher amounts easily .in most simple way you remember if you add 4 tablespoons in any recipe of your product then it is equal to ¼ cup 

You can easily see the  other conversion of tablespoons  in the below table 

What is dry and wet measurement ?

The dry and wet measurement is  same  for measuring cups and tablespoons .if you want to measure liquid ingredients then you must use a cup measuring  because it is safe If you want to measure ounces then in this situation dry and wet measurements is not same  because ingredient weight shown in ounces and also depend upon the type of ingredients  

How to calculate cup conversion into ounces convertion ?

 The following conversions help you to convert cup conversions in to ounces  easily  

How to calculate material for entire recepies ?

Different terms are used specially  for cooking recipes like   pinch,dash and smidgen  but all are same approximately 

Pinch : Pinch is used to calculate Dry ingredients  like spices , salt ,pepper 

Dash : This terminology is used to calculate only liquid materials into litter and mili litter form .this is also equal to ⅛  teaspoons

Smidgen : This is very little amount  of material calculate nearly to zero ,calculate ingredients  like sugar 0.03g,0.03l,0.03ml


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