How to compare two files in notepad++ ?

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Get help with notepad++  in Windows 10

Get help with notepad++  in Windows 10 One of the most important steps for the user in new updates of programs and applications is to have enough experience and guidance to use one of the best support options available in this program, which we will learn about in more detail .


What is notepad++  in Windows 10?

The idea emerged since the beginning of the creation of the first generation of modern versions of the program, which includes a text editor through which the user writes down everything he wants and wants with the possibility of editing through tools, and new methods through special preservation known as the extension “txt.” , which is expressed by the person with codes and secret numbers or saved modified in the language or in a Unicode way that encrypts the file with the possibility of recovering it if it is lost accurately.

Top Notepad Properties in Windows 10

  • Among the features and advantages included in this additional application of the program are a number of important things, namely:
  • The notebook does not edit by the specific type of language, but by helping to write in languages from left to right as in a regular keyboard.
  • Users of the program can switch between the two variations expressing languages by pressing Ctrl + ⇧ Shift.
  • The notepad helps the user to use it in operational or guidance lessons.
  • It gives the basic functions of tools for treating wrong texts, unlike programs that use the “WordPad” editor.
  • It has the ability to search and switch despite its limitations at times, but it is the best of all previous versions.
  • Old versions such as (Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Mi, in addition to Windows 3.1) were based on the word “edit”, meaning that the storage rate of its capacity when modified is very small, while the modern notepad has a storage capacity of about 64 kilobytes, and although it does not carry the total capacity, it contains the best capacity so far


About returning Notepad Notepad to default settings in Windows 10

There are many people who sometimes need to save or change settings, which makes them want to know information about Windows 10 systems as follows:

  • No: The user should click on (Windows sign + letter r in the keyboard) and after selecting and opening the RAN menu, a written command is issued to the device by pressing (regedit), then the Windows 10 menu opens by pressing the right button in the mouse and clicking on the box in the taskbar and clicking on (run).
  • Second: The user should access these keys  through which the Notepad key can be found, then we click on the right mouse button and choose “delete” and it is deleted.
  • Third: It is necessary to make sure that the settings on the device are changed by opening the application, and make sure that the updated version is installed as desired after the modifications as the first use of Notepad.
  • In conclusion, getting instructions about Notepad in Windows 10 is very useful for the user, in order to know the mechanisms by which he can use all the tools of Notepad, how to operate them and their features.


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