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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was subjected on Thursday to a failed assassination attempt in the city of Wazirabad in the eastern province of Punjab, and the French news agency reported that the suspect was shot dead .An adviser close to imran khan donation website said police had arrested a second suspect in the assassination attempt while confirming the news that the first suspect had been killed.Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Pakistan quoted a source in Khan’s Insaf Party as saying that an unknown person opened fire on a bus used by Khan and his party leaders for imran khan donation website.  

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Zartaj Gul Wazir, a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly (Parliament), said Khan was safe after being shot in the foot. Reuters news agency quoted a spokesman for the Insaf party as saying that “had it not been for the intervention of the people to stop the shooter, the leadership of the party would have been completely eliminated. “Three of Khan’s entourage were also lightly injured, including Insaf spokesman Faisal Javed, former Sindh governor Imran Ismail, as well as one of Khan’s bodyguards. The sacked prime minister was leading his party’s protest march to demand early general elections. Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif condemned Khan’s assassination attempt and demanded that the interior minister provide an immediate report on the incident imran khan donation website.

Pakistan’s foreign minister also said he strongly condemned the attack on Imran and wished him recovery. Imran Khan. How did the former Pakistani prime minister turn from a friend to an enemy of the army? From Pakistan’s first sports star to a former prime minister and wanted by Pakistan’s judiciary imran khan donation website, Imran Khan’s career spans many ups and downs, and he was able to achieve successes that surprised the Pakistani political center, while at the same time gaining him a great popular asset that finally appeared surrounding Khan’s house and protecting it from the policemen who came to arrest him imran khan donation website.

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Cricket Champion  Imran Khan was born on October 5, 1952, in the Mianwali district of the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, his parents are from the Pashtun tribes on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and his father, Ikramullah Khan Niazi , was a construction engineer from the Niazi tribes and his mother from the Burki tribe. Imran Khan lived and studied in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, before heading to London and teaching first at the Worcester Institute and then at the University of Oxford’s School of Economics and Philosophy for imran khan donation website.

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Najm Khan emerged after the national team won the cricket World Cup, retiring from the game after winning and spending time writing books about the game, participating in discussions and discussions, and writing articles about it in Western and Asian newspapers, which earned him great fame in addition to achieving great financial returns .Khan was also active in social, humanitarian, and scientific work, and his famous works included the establishment of the Cancer Hospital in 1994 under the name of his mother, Shaukat Khanum, one of the largest hospitals in Asia, and in April the same year he founded the Namal Technical College in Mianwali due to imran khan donation website, a social business that his opponents say was aimed at expanding his influence and paving the way for his entry into politics, but these works found wide acceptance among the Pakistani people.

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Khan took his first real steps in politics in April 1996, when he founded a party called the Movement for Equity and Justice (Tehreek-e-Insaf), whose slogan was Justice and Humanity, and ran in the general elections a year after the launch of his party, only to be defeated along with all his party’s candidates, and did not win any seats in parliament, but he continued the march. Khan supported the military coup led by retired General Pervez Musharraf in 1999, but opposed it after a while, arguing that he had done nothing to combat corruption according to imran khan donation website.

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In the 2002 elections, Khan officially entered the Pakistani parliament with his party’s victory in one seat, and he was one of the most prominent opponents of the late military President Pervez Musharraf and critics of Pakistan’s pro-American policies, so he was placed under house arrest until he resigned from parliament in 2007 with a number of opponents of Pervez Musharraf on the pretext that his policies violated the Pakistani constitution by imran khan donation website. In the 2013 elections, his party became one of Pakistan’s most prominent political parties, and he was accused of being supported by the military and intelligence after Musharraf’s departure, in that election, the party won 30 parliamentary seats and became the second-largest party in parliament after the ruling Muslim League party, which won an absolute majority of imran khan donation website.

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Throughout the previous Nawaz Sharif government, Khan was busy organizing marches, protests, and sit-ins, calling for the overthrow of the government and calling on the army and the military establishment to do so. Friend of the military establishment   Given his relationship with the army and the judiciary, everyone in Pakistan thought Khan would come to power, but they did not expect other parties to be marginalized to this degree, so all politicians were shocked and this increased Khan’s hostility with all other parties, political and religious are closed to imran khan donation website.

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Khan was a close confidant of the military establishment, and as a result, he came to power in the 2018 elections, at which time the main parties accused the military of supporting Imran Khan, which was rejected by both Khan and the military. Away from these accusations, Khan came to power and became prime minister, but gradually the relationship between him and the military institution deteriorated for many reasons, the most important of which are: Khan’s attempt to determine the army’s budget, discrepancies between his vision and the vision of the military institution on some international issues, including the issue of Afghanistan, in addition to other reasons that contributed to the deterioration of the relationship between the two parties, which led to the overthrow of Khan’s government by withdrawing confidence from it in parliament in April last year. He postponed democracy” to power and Shahbaz Sharif became prime minister with imran khan donation website.

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Khan’s anger towards the government and the military institution did not subside and publicly asserted that the military institution was the one who overthrew his government and began to mobilize the people and demand early elections, which would not be in the interest of the government due to the deterioration of the living and economic situation with imran khan donation website, which may favor Khan against the allied parties in the government. To protect his supporters The Pakistani government failed to arrest former Prime Minister Imran Khan after hundreds of Khan’s supporters gathered around his home in the city of Lahore, preventing police and special forces from arresting him in accordance with a judicial order to arrest him and bring him to court on March 18.

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The failure of the government and behind it the military institution confirms that Khan still enjoys wide popular support in Pakistan, especially since the economic and living situation deteriorated after the overthrow of his government, which made the Pakistani citizens respond to the call of Khan and his party to take to the streets against the current government by imran khan donation website, which today finds itself in an embarrassing situation .On Tuesday and Wednesday, dozens of security personnel and Khan supporters were wounded during clashes between the two sides as security forces tried to reach Khan’s home. Pakistani Interior Minister Rana Thanaullah vowed on Tuesday in a speech to a public rally that Imran Khan would be arrested and that security forces would find him and bring him to justice, but the government failed to do so.

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A failure in his social life  Imran Khan has been able to achieve great success in the Pakistani political arena and despite the role of the army supporting him, the man has shown great ability to take advantage of opportunities and establish himself as a professional player in the field of politics as well as cricket. Khan’s success in becoming prime minister contributed to breaking Pakistan’s caste system, which was inherited from India, and under Khan people from the poor class and university professors gained access to parliament and senior positions in government, and Khan’s response to the caste system contributed to the man’s success and his accession to power. However, his success in politics and charitable work such as the establishment of hospitals, universities, etc., was met with failure in terms of social relations for imran khan donation website.

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In 1995, Khan married a British girl with a Jewish father and a Christian mother, Jamaima Goldsmith, with whom he had two sons, Suleiman and Qasim, but the marriage caused a stir in Pakistani society, and the couple separated due to family circumstances, in 2004, Jamaima now lives with her two sons in London, and she was the first to congratulate Khan on winning the legislative elections .Khan lived alone until 2015 when he married a local TV journalist and anchor from the northwestern Swat region, Reham Khan, who was divorced from his cousin, and was a BBC anchor before returning to Pakistan and starting working for local channels for imran khan donation website.

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The marriage did not last long, and due to family disputes, Khan divorced his wife Reham in November 2015, his marriage and divorce from Reham is considered the biggest blow Khan received in his life, especially since his wife wrote a book about the life of her ex-husband Khan, in which she collected all the disadvantages of the man, which Khan and his party rejected outright. In February 2018, Khan married for the third time, this time his spiritual healer, and divorced a wealthy man, Bushra Manica, but Bushra’s ex-husband claimed that Imran Khan was the one who destroyed his house and that Bushra asked for a divorce and left her family for him, causing a stir in Pakistan and angering Pakistanis with imran khan donation website.


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