imran khan pakistan  barred from running on the eve of parliament dissolution

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imran khan pakistan  barred from running on the eve of parliament dissolution Pakistan’s National Election Commission (NEC) said on Tuesday that former Prime Minister Iimran khan pakistan has been disqualified from running after a three-year prison sentence on corruption charges, as his lawyers prepare to file legal challenges against the ruling.

In a statement, the committee said imran khan pakistan, who leads Tehreek-e-Insaf, could not run for the next five years, as stipulated in Pakistan’s constitution, in addition to cancelling his seat in parliament imran khan pakistan.

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Imran Khan’s party said the decision was “based on injustice”, adding that it would appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court for reconsideration imran khan pakistan.


Khan, who rose to prominence in early cricket and led his country to a 1992 World Cup victory imran khan pakistan, was arrested at his home on Saturday and taken to jail on charges he previously said were politically motivated imran khan pakistan.


three years in prison imran khan pakistan.


imran khan pakistan  is currently in Atok prison, which was established a hundred years ago on the outskirts of the historic city of Atok imran khan pakistan, about 60 kilometres west of Islamabad, and his lawyers are trying to transfer him to Adiala prison to be placed in a cell where conditions are relatively comfortable and reserved for VIPs imran khan pakistan.


Elections Khan misses

Pakistan’s parliament is expected to be dissolved on Wednesday as a prelude to a technocratic-dominated government and preparations for elections in which imran khan pakistan  is likely to be absent.


imran khan pakistan House of Representatives Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf said at the last session of the National Assembly during its meeting on Wednesday afternoon imran khan pakistan, “Today’s session will end with a happy ending in a comfortable environment imran khan pakistan.”


“We usually discuss political affairs, but today, let’s talk in a friendly tone,” he said imran khan pakistan.


imran khan pakistan has been facing a crisis since Khan, one of the country’s most popular politicians, was removed from power in April 2021 in a vote of no confidence imran khan pakistan.


By law, elections must be held within 90 days from the date of dissolution of parliament. But Shahbaz Sharif’s government has indicated it is likely to be delayed imran khan pakistan.


Despite holding power for 18 months, the alliance of traditional parties that coalesced to oust Khan has failed to win wide popularity as it faces an economic crisis despite an International Monetary Fund loan, rising inflation and high unemployment amid a decline in industrial activity due to a shortage of foreign currency due to imran khan pakistan.


Ahmad Bilal Mahboob, head of the Pakistan Institute of Legal Development and Transparency research, said: “Economic decisions are difficult and often unpopular, which requires a longer term government to be able to implement them effectively by imran khan pakistan.”


“These elections are important because they will give a new government a five-year term, which means … “Tasking them to make key decisions that will be vital to economic recovery.”


Elections based on a new population

Rumours have been circulating for months that the elections may be postponed in light of the crises facing the authorities in the fields of security, economy and politics. That possibility was reinforced after the country’s last census figures were released last weekend with imran khan pakistan.


Justice Minister Azzam Nazir Tarar told a local television channel that electoral districts would have to be redefined based on the new census, warning that this could lead to a postponement of the elections.

Where imran khan pakistan live ?

He hoped the postponement would be limited to a period not exceeding “50 to 60 days.”


Michael Kugelman, director of the South Asia Institute at the Wilson think tank in Washington, said the postponement of the polls could give the two main coalition partners, the Pakistan Muslim League and the Pakistan People’s Party, a deadline to devise a strategy to counter Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party imran khan pakistan.


“But in reality, postponing the election could simply lead to more public anger and give impetus to an opposition that has suffered months of repression,” Kugelman said imran khan pakistan.


The military attends backstage any ballot in Pakistan, where the institution, which has carried out at least three successful coups since independence in 1947, still wields vast political influence imran khan pakistan.


Military support has long been a cornerstone of any Pakistani government’s stability, though the military establishment has always denied playing any political role imran khan pakistan. But the widening gap between Khan and the senior officers of the world’s sixth-largest armies will complicate his return to power imran khan pakistan.


Khan came to power in 2018 with the support of the military, and was ousted in April 2022 by a parliamentary vote of no confidence after disagreements with senior officers over appointments and foreign policy, analysts say imran khan pakistan.


imran khan pakistan  authorities detained Khan for three days in May, hours after he repeatedly accused a senior intelligence officer of involvement in an assassination attempt on him in November imran khan pakistan.


imran khan pakistan pressured the current government to hold early elections by holding huge rallies and withdrawing his deputies from parliament, but his bet did not succeed imran khan pakistan.


“Difficult task”

Since his removal from power, imran khan pakistan has faced more than 200 cases, which he asserts are politically motivated and aimed at preventing him from running for election or returning to the premiership imran khan pakistan.


imran khan pakistan  three-day arrest in May, in the same case, sparked deadly violence as tens of thousands of his supporters took to the streets and confronted police imran khan pakistan.


Following his release, his party was targeted by a security crackdown that included thousands of arrests and reports of intimidation and repression of journalists imran khan pakistan.


However, reactions to his arrest this time remain radically different, with limited and sporadic protests reported imran khan pakistan. Thousands of his supporters have been arrested as part of a crackdown on his supporters and the Insaf movement in recent months imran khan pakistan.


Kugelman warned that the transitional government faces a difficult task in the coming months and its biggest challenge will be “to stay away from partisan strife and not to be drawn into the political battles fought between politicians and the army


“After all, this is a highly partisan and polarized phase  not an environment in which it is easy for a non-politicized government to operate.”


Virginia court considers new petition filed by Khalifa Haftar’s lawyer

The US Virginia Court set a date on Friday to consider a petition filed by the lawyer of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar regarding the applicability of the National Secrets Non-Disclosure Act to him, given his military position in the state, according to the head of the Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights, Imad al-Din al-Montaser, on his Facebook account 


The petition comes regarding a request submitted by lawyers for the families of victims of Haftar’s wars, last August, to extend the period of interrogation of Haftar, which began in November 2022, in cases filed against him in the US Virginia Court, accusing him of committing massacres in Benghazi and other Libyan areas during his wars there.


Al-Montaser explained in his blog post on Friday that Haftar’s lawyer’s aim in the new petition was to “prolong the deliberations,” after the court ruled several times that the law on the disclosure of national secrets does not apply to Haftar .


While Al-Montaser pointed out that the Court of Appeal allows the exhaustion of all means available to the defendant before the Court of First Instance, he explained that Haftar’s lawyer built on this basis his client’s right to retain his right to appeal 


On August 5, the court approved the victims’ lawyers’ request to extend Haftar’s interrogation period, provided that the interrogation should be for 3 hours, and that this should take place within a maximum period of 60 days 


During his interrogation, Haftar’s lawyer submitted documents to the Virginia court outlining a number of his meetings with prominent political,   security and military figures, including US officials, such as CIA Director William Burns in January, and Libyan political figures, such as Libya’s rival prime ministers, Fathi Bashagha and Abdelhamid Dabaiba, as evidence to confirm his leadership duties in Libya, including discussing national state secrets 


However, the lawyer for the families of the Libyan victims submitted a written request to the US court to extend the period of interrogation of Haftar, and justified his request not to complete his questions to the defendant who carried out acts that led to the disruption of the interrogation, including long delays in answering, draining time, transferring the conversation to topics that are not related to the questions of the victims’ lawyers, and not providing direct answers to the questions of 


Al-Montaser quoted the lawyer of the victims’ families, in previous posts on his Facebook account, that Haftar repeatedly referred to “documents that do not exist in the case file and do not know anything about them,” and denied that he “signed the documents and memoranda that he previously submitted to the court for The defendant even denied seeing these documents and files and that he knew nothing about them.” 


In 2019, Libyan families filed a lawsuit against Haftar before courts in Virginia on charges of his militias in Benghazi launching attacks for , during the period from 2016 to 2017, which led to the death of 6 members of those families in the Ganfouda area of Benghazi, and later the lawsuits against him expanded in several cases, including his supervision of reckless bombing campaigns, deliberate massacres of civilians and torture of prisoners by  and another case in which he was accused of being responsible for the aerial bombardment that affected the headquarters of the Military College in Tripoli, and led to 28 college students are killed. Finally, more Libyan families are ready to file a new lawsuit against him, and against Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, before the latter is killed with 


Haftar has previously justified several times that he did not agree to be interrogated by assuming “presidential duties” in Libya, but he was subjected to lengthy interrogation sessions due to , which began in November last year, after the court threatened to convict him of “final conviction if he did not respond to the investigation, commit any wrongdoing, procrastinate or delay 


As for how the interrogation is conducted, Al-Montaser explained, in previous statements to “The New Arab”, that “it is conducted via the Zoom application, in closed sessions attended only by lawyers,” pointing out that “the court has set conditions to deal with the results of the investigation ., and limit their publication, after long pleadings by Haftar’s lawyer, who insisted on protecting them from publication, so as not to ridicule politically against his client, who intends to run for the presidency of the country .”

The court is being held in Virginia to seek Haftar’s residence there before he returned to Libya in 2012. During his 24-year stay in the United States  Haftar was able to obtain American citizenship and own a range of material assets in the state, through which plaintiffs are seeking material compensation 

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