interior designer in islamabad is the invisible healer to change our mood from gloom to happiness.

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When we say “design”, it certainly means colors, shapes and sizes, with all the characteristics, definitions and effects of these elements not only on the place and its space, 


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Décor is the attending physician.

interior designer in islamabad for  Janet Azziri asserts that décor plays an important role, namely, the role of a “hidden therapist” by provoking a smile or inciting thinking about what .Home furnishings have a great relationship to personal happiness, so you can buy a very special piece of furniture for the person, and once you get home he can go there, like buying a comfortable chair to relax and give up to feel happy.

Homecoming and psychological comfort

kind of treatment, and is still in its infancy, and has become an urgent need for our contemporary daily lives.Returning home means physical comfort, as well as psychological comfort, so the furniture, colours and décor of the house are able to change how we feel, and to give comfort and reassurance to us, if we design our house the way we like interior designer in islamabad .In her view, thinking about the nature of contemporary daily life makes the house and within it a pivotal moment in the concept of comfort, well-being, well-being and health as well.

Balance of furniture and colors

The materials used, the harmony between their colors and the surrounding colors, and the balance between the main pieces of furniture and decoration, reflect a sense of psychological balance that helps to relax and content. The lack of interest in these details and their lack of choice with extreme accuracy become depressing and sad due to interior designer in islamabad.It is preferable to use basic colors in pastel tones, sizes that rely on curved lines and avoid sharp angles, prefer wood over metal, hidden lighting over direct lighting, choose linen, cotton or silk fabrics instead of acrylic, nylon and synthetic fiber fabrics, and choose soft monochrome instead of weary color hustle, all of which require experience, versatility and talent. For interior designer in islamabad

Furniture’s connection to happiness

Janet considers that yellow is associated with happiness and relaxation, a color that exists in nature, so it helps create a nice and healthy environment at home close to nature  Blue also gives calm to the bedrooms, especially in children, and in the backyards and balconies.

Changing décor gives family peace

Janet advises changing the details of the décor in the house, creating a state of family peace, and advises families around the world to change the order of details of curtains every now and then.

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