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There are many luxury hotels are located in los vegas  according to the budget friendly of peoples .Peoples can check different kind of hotels and private rooms according to  luxury  facilities available in the luxury hotels of las vegas 

Some rooms are designed for very rich persons due to the high facilities for hotel customers .If you have a lot of unlimited money then you also choose suites ,villas or private rooms. These are included in the famous  hotels of Las Vegas for tourists to stay here . 

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The suites are also available in all the budgets of peoples live in las vegas that starts from cheap to expensive  according to the budgets of peoples live in las vegas  When you come in las vegas the most expensive  excellent rooms are available in the town of las vegas sometimes you have no issue of cash and you have a lot of money then in this situation you suits  and villas to maintain status of your life  and live in the high score rating hotels ,suite and villas .This means you can chose the most top  las vegas hotels  private  rooms  with pools and not consider money .Some certain rooms are so exclusive due to the high rating of hotels located in las vegas Due to this major reason las vegas hotel rooms with private pools are more than your estimates and also no guess according to  changing of times and environment some season issue is also depend on the  prices of las vegas hotel rooms with private pools especially on new year ,christmas and other country events .

According to my perception, the prices of Las Vegas hotel rooms with private pools give you an idea of how much prices of las vegas hotel rooms with private pools approximately  . you are also pay these prices in the thousand of dollars 


If you use on strip service for online booking of  different hotels located in las vegas  then you see this service provide you lot of options with  hop high rating of  las vegas hotels rooms with private pools 

Las vegas Hotel Names 

  • Caesars Palace

  • The Palazzo At The Venetian Resort

  • The Cosmopolitan

  • Bellagio Hotel & Casino

  • The Mirage

Caesars Palace

The iconic Caesars  palace provide you hotel room with private pool in $25,000 per night due to the top highest price range  this hotel also provide you villas in which you feel like a guest like tourist .in this hotel you visit  Marc Antony , Constantine Villa and  Neptune Villa these villas are also offers private pools but the  Marcus Aurelius Villa also provide you private terrace with  whirlpool spa the designed of each villa is different and you also chose different facilities in this las vegas hotel rooms with private pools like opulent décor coupled  large living  with dining spaces and other features like fireplaces and  grand pianos, these services are provided according to the rules and regulations of villas and also vary on the prices and budgets of a customers 


The Palazzo hotel located in los vegas is only provide suits .The most expensive room in palazzo hotel with the private pool is charge $25,000 per night ,you also get some thing special in this room service  liked private terrace  with unrivalled views of Las Vegas city the perfect place for serious glamming is private pool you also visit  casino and nightlife music party free of cost in this hotel The rooms of this hotel  is decor with  elegant Italy wood cut material located in las vegas hotel rooms with private pools you also get facilities of media room,  workout room, steam room and sauna room , piano room and a wet bar room  according to my personal perception this suit is perfect for entertainment of your personal guest .you know this kind of luxury features available in this suit is not a cheap .if you want to stay in  chairman suit  then the price is also high .more than $25000


In this los vegas hotel  called Cosmopolitan you can’t use private pools .The  Lanai Suites are available in the Cosmopolitan hotel located in los vegas with the facilities of hot tubs and water .The Lanai suit is designed like island beach house which makes these suit perfect for tourist attraction in the Cosmopolitan hotel each suit has two floors you see on the lower floor  mini-bar  dining area and kitchenette .The upper floor of Lanai Suit  are filled with  loft bedroom with floor to ceiling window which provides views of resort main pool If you want to stay in Cosmopolitan hotel locate is las vegas with private rooms ,private pools and private villas then keep in your mind this hotel will charge from you $700 – 1500$ .

Bellagio Hotel & Casino

The Bellagio hotel is the most expensive hotel in los vegas with the covered area of 6,500 square foot for the providing of luxury villas In each villas of Bellagio Hotel provide you complete private terrace ,private Garden and private pool in the front of  whirlpool with the excellent space of sitting around the whirlpool  for the relaxing of your personal tranquility This Hotel also provide you private workout room,  dry sauna,  kitchen,  dining room and even  private hair salon. The villas in this Bellagio Hotel also provide you stocked bars for the entertainment of guest .if you want to stay in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino then you will pay $600 per night .

The Mirage

This is also outstanding luxury hotel located in los vegas  with the mega resort complex There are two sections in this hotel categories according to features  one is lanai and the other is villas .you chose i=one ,two and three bedrooms in this hotel  with the private outdoor areas and pools .If you chose lanai category of this hotel then you can get private gate entrance  with a soaking tub,wet bar which decor with  chic modern material  and also provide outstanding comfort luxury level If you chose lanai for stay in this hotel then you will pay around $200 per night approximately 

In the villa section of this hotel you will be able  to enjoy large ornate outdoor areas with fountains and pools. This area also provides you a soaking tub, fireplace and  wet bar. If you want to stay in the villas of mirage hotel then you will be pay more than $2000 according to the  most excellent facilities 


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