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 voiced by the Chinese company, to occupy a leading position in terms of sales in the segment (while “l SL “is headed by.). Experts note that the quality and increased capacity of electronics under the Lenovo brand, and laptops are no exception. The company brought to the market productive and competitive samples of computers. The Chinese seize the market in several segments at once. For example, in the class of premium-class laptops, the honor of the brand is defended by the RIA line, which, according to many experts, is close to the quality of RIA-RIA devices.

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An example of success, in the opinion of a number of analysts, the budget model is the laptop الكمبيوتر 580. It should be noted that this device has several complete sets, in some cases, completely different from each other. Many experts think about the model Model L 580 (20150), the technical characteristics of which in a particular range are characterized by a high frequency in Russia. However, it is quite possible to study the features of the laptop, without resorting to finding differences between individual specifications. What will we do today. Consider the design aspects of Lenovo G 580 , the technical characteristics of the device , the functional features of individual hardware components

The laptop is equipped with aالج HR Hالج processor in The إصدار 5 version, operating at a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. The amount of RAM – as much as 6 GB. Memory technology – DD D3, the clock frequency of the modules-1.6 GHz. These resources are enough to correctly and stably launch programs of the type”.” (for example,.). Ideal players may not appreciate the capabilities of the L 580 – the technical specifications are nominally very “office”. But if we talk about games, it is possible to say that a computer will be drawn by many today’s bestsellers.

The volume of the hard drive of the laptop is a thousand gigabytes, while the speed of rotation of the axis of the hard drive is not very large – 5400 RPM. The hard drive works on the SATA interface. This means that the device is adapted for fast transfer of large amounts of files. However, almost all modern “r -r “have this property. So, we fix: the laptop is equipped with a good hard drive, not inferior to those installed in competing solutions of other brands.

The computer is equipped with a display through the WXGA O L technology. Screen diagonal – 15.6 inches, resolution-1366.786 pixels. There is a built – in webcam, although the screen resolution is quite modest-0.3 megapixels. Is controlled in the sub-system Video Computer by “tandem” for video cards model 4000 HD Intel HD graphics (on some versions – 3000) and GeForce GT 635M (in a number of styles – G710). The first type is the so-called standard video card, the second is “discrete”. Running games, as you know, depends not only on the power of the processor, the size of RAM and technologies. The performance of the video subsystem also plays a very important role. Experts say that the laptop is fine with it, due to the separation of functions between standard and premium graphics cards

The most important advantage of the Lenovo laptop G580-a wide range of communication capabilities. The brand manufacturer gave users of the device the maximum to combine it with other devices – the same computers, televisions and mobile gadgets.

There are DVD-R, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. The audio system works on the Do -l technology, in a computer – speakers. Communication with other devices is carried out via a port on 2 2.0, 3.0 ports, slot.and connector.. The network card is equipped with a port from R-45. There is a combined audio slot, as well as a card reader. The laptop battery is quite powerful , it consists of 6 sections with a total capacity of 47 W / H

Medium-sized notebook. Its length – 376 mm, width – 245, thickness (with a closed lid) – 34.3. The device weighs relatively little-2.6 kg. It is managed by a 6 64-bit computer in Version 8.

For any modification of the device, including the laptop at L 580 (20150) “model” for the Russian market, the technical characteristics are very important. But no less important for users of the device and the aesthetic component, design.

The laptop bag is characterized by the absence of sharp corners. The main parts are made of high-quality plastic, and partially used metal. The design of the case, according to experts, is very reliable. No backlash, gaps and creaks were observed. The front is a stylish touchpad. Ventilation holes, like many laptops, are down.

The appearance of the device is perceived by many specialists as strict and to some extent conservative. At the same time, experts believe, it is this design that can please a greater number of customers than if it had any unusual elements adapted to a particular style, gender or age of the user.

Now we will study the most important characteristics in terms of consumer characteristics of the laptop in more detail, as well as other features of the device.

In the first place of importance for a device such as a Lenovo محمول 580 Laptop, specifications, of course, are the characteristics of the processor. What is the main chip in a computer, a laptop is like that, it experts say. The performance of the processor i5 installed in most of the modifications on the G580 with Cache 3 MB running on two cores is slightly higher than the index performance brother i3-3210M (usually a chip of the budget), but at the same time is lower than the i7-3520M (approximate in the properties of the chips and “premium”). Although there is an opinion among experts that there is not much difference between the type of processor ONH L 580. Specificationsr M-3, some experts believe, does not fundamentally lag behind their counterparts and is not in front of them.

It is worth noting that, depending on the modification of the laptop, the brand manufacturer can install a variety of processors. That is, you should not be surprised if in the catalog of your favorite online store we find a computer of this line, in which there is a chiplllr. An interesting fact is that this type of processor is over 15 years old, and it seems that it is not going to give up its positions in the market.

Some users can come to a conclusion by finding out how much the L 580 is equipped with an “average” level of the processor – the technical characteristics of the notebook are much lower than that of Analog Devices. But this conclusion would be premature. If the role of the processor is not the most important in modern computer technology. Even if the processor brand is present on the 15-year-old si l 580, the technical characteristics of Sir in modern versions make the chip quite competitive

This or that laptop will probably be able to perform more tasks than a model from another company with a more powerful processor thanks to the presence of a medium-performance electrical circuit. Why? It’s simple: due to the improved optimization of other hardware components.

Therefore, without paying much attention to how to equip the chip with a laptop – I 5 ORL Ar ar, we will study other technical characteristics that are no less important than determining the real capabilities of the L 580 device.

The laptop screen is equipped with a backlight ined, which provides high-quality images when viewed from any angle. Experts estimate the brightness of the screen as sufficient for the user to perform everyday tasks. The screen is glossy, which contributes to the high quality of color rendering (but here there is also a minus – the glow will be noticeable). The type of screen surface, as most experts believe, is not the most important characteristic of a notepad for L 580. . Moreover, if necessary, a laptop using several connectors can be connected to an external device with a more powerful display (for example,to an HDTV)

The aspect ratio ranges from 16 to 9, which allows you to watch widescreen video on it, which today is considered the standard type of multimedia. In the horizontal plane, the vision of the screen, according to many experts, is slightly better than the vertical one.

Each of the built-in speakers has a power of 1500 watts. It is located very well-in front. Therefore, the entire audio stream is directed towards the user. Using the pre-installed do Cu Cu software module, you can flexibly adjust the sound settings (for example, the frequency range). You can use third-party software equivalents (at least those in Windows media p VR V).  There are opinions that there is a “pull” on individual frequencies. However, if the user is not a professional musician , then specialists believe that the sound quality of the melodies should be fully arranged

If we buy a laptop in the modification, where there is a graphic moduler HR 635, we will be lucky. This video card has 2 GB of RAM, and also supports the latest versionr THR 11. Although this unit can not be considered a typical game, many gamers will be satisfied with its performance. In particular, industrial products such ASL NL NL 3 will be able to work on a laptop with almost no brakes and freezes (unless, of course, you set the maximum graphic details). Not bad computer copies, experts say, with racing (F 1 Level, released in 2012). And if we talk about the “typical” modes of usingat L 580, then the technical characteristics of the video card are more than compatible: you can play a movie or Flash movie, make a presentation or use the image on the device without any problems.

The computer is equipped with a branded keyboard with an ergonomic and stylish design, the use of which is more comfortable, experts note. The keys have a” long stroke”, noisy low pressure. The button tag is very high quality. There is a block of numbers, activated by the زرuuluu button. The touchpad of the laptop is not in the central part, but only to the left of the axis. Conveniently, its surface has a dotted structure. This has a positive effect on the stability of the indicator, the technical characteristics of L 580 in terms of management are very important. They are all fine.

According to a number of experts, the keyboard, equipped with a laptop, is exactly the same as that on premium brand devices – computers from the Rhea line. The presence of a numeric keypad module makes the laptop more preferable than analogs when it comes to using schoolchildren, university students, in accounting or at some stage of Engineering Computing.

A 6-cell battery guarantees a reliable battery life of 4-5 hours when using a device with an average density. But under certain load conditions, which the testers managed to achieve (for example, compression video processing), the battery lasted barely 60 Minutes. For example, if you sit on the internet without interruption, often read text files and download photos from time to time, the battery lasts about 3 hours.

In the majority of complete sets, the laptop is equipped with a بإصدار 8 version, and works on a 64-bit system. This OS provides the best support for existing hardware components, so replacing this OS with another (as an option, previous versions of Windows) is undesirable.

It is worth noting that there are modifications of laptops on the market that come without an operating system (or equipped with remote modules with very limited functionality).

One of the most popular options for modern laptops is wireless. No exception, Lenovo G 580. The technical characteristics of Wi-Fi in the device are quite standard. The module supports connections in any of the bands present today -“.” and”.” and the fastest -“.”. It is possible, if there is no router, to organize computer-to-computer (or dedicated) communication sessions.

Experts praise the laptop for the balance of functionality and performance. The device is an ideal tool for performing everyday tasks of the user (connecting to the internet, listening to music, creating and editing documents, etc.).  The specifications do not matter: whether we are dealing with the 20150 model, or in our handsdenovo g 580 (20157) – the technical characteristics in the aggregate will provide almost identical performance. The difference is in small details related to the structure of individual chips. It does not matter what kind of processor is present in a particular model of Lenovo لين 580 -. 3, its technical characteristics are nominal “budget”, or “classic” – Celeron.

Experts recognize that the ratio of price and quality in this laptop is one of the most optimal among devices in this segment. They praise the computer for a large number of connection capabilities (including a port from الحديث 3.0 modern that allows you to transfer files at a very high speed), and each of them is characterized by stable operation and ease of use.

Laptop Mhenovo g 580, the technical characteristics of which we reviewed today – an excellent solution at a relatively low cost (in the range of 18 to 20 thousand rubles, depending on the particular dealer).

Laptops, as most experts note, are a technological niche in which the competition between brands is not about design and ease of use (in this component, this type of computer equipment loses portable information gadgets), but in terms of performance and stability. Naturally, both are provided by brands in relation to these or other segments, and in the case of Lenovo G 580, this device is of the budget type. According to experts, the Chinese brand has every chance to retain a place in the group of world leaders in the field of providing low-cost computers with an optimal combination of price, functionality and performance. G 580 is an example of a successful competitive model that can allow a company from the people’s Republic of China to develop its success in the international market.

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