River Ravi Enter into Pakistan from India | India se Pakistan ata hua Darya e Ravi | Ikhlaspur Border

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River Ravi Enter into Pakistan from India | India se Pakistan ata hua Darya e Ravi |Ikhlaspur Border

welcome viewers, today i will show you a surprising historic place mostly Pakistani people do not about it.so guys we are going to explore this historical place where river rave enter into Pakistan from India that’s amazing for us because this is really historical place but unseen for us so today we will explore it so let’s move. first of all that i want to tell you about where is this historic place so it is famous village of Shakargarh it’s name is ikhlaspur where river Ravi enter into Pakistan from India so beautiful village but why is the famous village yes have a one big reason is that Pakora(spicy fritter containing pieces of vegetables) it is a special and famous dish here if you come in ikhlaspur so you should eat it pure and unique tasty dish. a crowdy market here many people come here and buy different things so we will cross this village and going to historic place its name is river Ravi point.guys you know ikhluspur village on the zero line point but here is international border due to reason people live here without any tension so we are stand now a big historical place at this time i love this place a big picnic point so don’t need go Islamabad, Murree and others visiting points so come here with family and enjoy here it is a amazing border area place where you can fishing with family or friends and much more so no one bridge here if you want to cross the river but have a small boat the help of this boat people cross the river and go to their fields and care it. sometimes we are seeing some people cross danger river Ravi without boat so surprising but brave people here that is daily routine of live so guys tell me about this vlog in below comments. thanks for watching it and your subscription honor for me

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