earn Which Meta Tag not to use in SEO – SEO Tutorial in Hindi

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earn Which Meta Tag not to use in SEO – SEO Tutorial in Hindi SEO Full Course | Learn SEO in Hindi | SEO Tutorials in Hindi | SEO Tutorials for Beginners In this part of the complete tutorial on SEO in Hindi, you will learn about meta tags in SEO and which meta tags to ignore according to the latest SEO trends. You should know how important are tags for SEO, but there are a few tags that are not relevant, and you should avoid using them. Here are some of the tags that are not used and you should consider not using in your content: Keyword tag: According to a report from Google, keyword meta tags are not used in web ranking. Revisit after: This HTML tag is a command to the robots to return to the page after a specific date. These are not used anymore in the ranking of a page. Cache-control: This tag allows publishers to define how often a page is cached. You can use an HTML header instead of an HTML tag for ranking purposes. Geo Meta Tag: Google does not use Geo meta tags to rank pages. You can skip using this tag as it is not an important factor for ranking. Expiration: You can avoid or ignore this tag as it is also not used that much for SEO. Our trainer will explain which tags are not important in SEO with proper examples. Also, we have a complete playlist on search engine optimisation. Watch more videos from there to stay updated with the latest trends.

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