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An expression of the forest

Forest fragrance, Forests are vast areas found all over the globe, with huge amounts of trees and different plants. Because of the importance of wake forest , we will present to you below several examples of topics that deal in detail with everything related to forests. 

An expression of the forest

Forests contain all the necessities of life from freshwater, which is the most important feature of the forest. Without fresh water, trees would not grow and living organisms would not find safe drinking water. Therefore, when we visit different wake forest, we find within them a source of freshwater, including lakes and waterfalls. The origin of this freshwater is the rain that falls heavily on these forests


Why are forests important?

The forest is considered a refuge and home for a large number of organisms that feed on the leaves of plants or on other parts of the tree. The tree has several parts, including leaf, stem, fruits, and roots. Each organism eats only the right part of its stomach and digestive system. Therefore, we find that the source of food for these organisms is from each other. Another benefit of trees is that they are a safe home for a large number of organisms, as they live inside the tree or on the branches.

wake forest protect animals from direct sunlight due to the density of leaves that intertwine together and form what looks like an umbrella. Also, trees prevent air and storms from penetrating the forest, allowing a better climate for creatures living among the trees. Of course, there are several dwellings in the middle of the trees, including bird nests, including burrows in the middle of the stems of the trees. Even under the trees, there are some burrows such as rabbit burrows and squirrel

How to preserve forests?

We must preserve forests from destruction, because of their great importance to the organisms that live inside them. It is extremely important in maintaining the ecological balance for the entire planet. Therefore, the governments responsible for these wake forest must pass some laws that prohibit logging. New trees must be planted continuously until the felled trees are compensated. It is necessary to stay away from encroachment on forests in order to build new cities

When humans lived in limited spaces due to their small numbers, life in the forests was at its best. The trees were dense and animals were everywhere. But over time, the number of people became numerous, which prompted them to go towards the wake forest and start destroying them in order to turn them into barren land suitable for construction. Several cities were built instead of forests, leading to the extinction of many species of flora and fauna. Therefore, humans must find an alternative place to establish new cities and leave wake forest.

Conclusion on forests

At the end of the expression of the forest, we knew the importance of forests for living organisms, as the forest is the home and safe place for all types of organisms. One of the advantages of the wake forest is that it provides shade and fruits continuously. When forests are close to residential cities, they protect them from storms that can cause the destruction of roads and infrastructure. That is why we must protect wake forest in every way possible.

Article on deforestation

Many people do not know that the earth has an ecological balance that contributes to its non-destruction, but if the ecological balance is disturbed, the earth is heading toward destruction. One of the most important forms of ecological balance is the presence of large amounts of green trees that allow the planet to enjoy large amounts of oxygen and shade. wake forest  are of great importance in protecting wildlife of all kinds, which keeps various animals from becoming extinct.

One of the benefits of trees is that they provide humans and animals with the necessary food for them, as there are millions of living organisms that live and feed within various wake forest . The human cut down the trees so that he could make several tools, as he discovered that the trees are durable and easy to form. He made furniture out of wood extracted from trees. He made huts and equipment out of wood. But this excessive logging of timber has caused several environmental problems.

The theme of the jungle

There are several types of forests, including tropical wake forest, which are characterized by the diversity of wildlife. What gives tropical forests this diversity is that they are several species, including evergreen rainforests and semi-evergreen rainforests. There are two other types of tropical forests, namely the monsoon rainforest and the monsoon rainforest. One of the most famous tropical forests with a large number of living organisms is the wake forest of the Congo and the Amazon.

The other type of forest is the northern forest, which is characterized by a cold climate. One of the trees that grow in this type of wake forest is coniferous trees. Where temperatures in this type of forest may reach low temperatures of up to 5 degrees. It is so named because it is located in temperate places such as North America and North Asia, which provides a good life for a large number of animals and birds.

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The importance of forests for humans and the environment and ways to protect them

 Dr. Majd Jaratly

Forests are the “real lungs of the earth” with which our land breathes and it is one of the most important renewable natural sources that play a vital role to the fullest in absorbing carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere and releasing pure oxygen, air filtration and dust deposition and harmful suspended parts, which are wooded lands with natural beauty and rich biodiversity and are a place for hiking and a source of construction and building materials, Unfortunately, throughout history, man has destroyed forests by neglecting, burning or removing them for construction, agriculture and other reasons.

wake forest are of great importance from an environmental point of view, which is represented in their beneficial impact on the climate, as the presence of wake forest in an area makes them more moderate in temperature and wake forest more humid than forestless areas. Forests also contain most of the genetic assets of plants and are considered an important center of biodiversity and home to many animals and birds, as well as absorbing large amounts of gases and various harmful air pollutants from the atmosphere.

According to FAO, the world’s forest area is estimated at 3454 million hectares and occupies about 6.26% of the land area. This area is distributed between developed countries, which have an area of 1493 million hectares, and developing countries, which have about 1961 million hectares, thus creating the largest proportion of forests in developing countries 77.56%, while in developed countries 23.43%. Unfortunately, the world’s forests are decreasing dramatically year after year, with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reporting that the global forest area is shrinking by 9 million hectares per year. In the nineties alone, Africa lost about 3.7 million hectares of forest, and the following is a brief highlight of the importance of forests in maintaining human health and the environment:

The importance of forests in maintaining human health and the environment: 

Scientific studies have shown that one square kilometer of forest releases about ten tons of oxygen per day, and we can imagine the purity of atmospheric air in forest areas where one square kilometer releases about 3650 tons of oxygen gas per year.

In addition to the advantage of low temperatures in its biome, which gives the work of this wonderful lung a third physical and vital dimension, and this dimension makes forests more environmentally efficient and makes millions of people turn to them in summer and winter to breathe fresh and cool fresh air.

The role of forests in air filtration:

Forests are characterized by their great ability to filter the air and deposit dust and harmful suspended parts on their leaves, one hectare of the forest is able to deposit nine tons of dust, which leads to a reduction in the percentage of dust by about (30-40%) in the forest atmosphere. This is due to the large area of the paper surface, which ranges between (50-150) thousand square meters/hectare. Scientific research has shown that cypress forests deposit about 30 tons/ha per year of dust, while pine forests deposit 50 tons/ha per year.

The role of forests in getting rid of harmful gasses:

Forests and trees have an important role in purifying the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and many toxic gasses that are harmful to human health and the environment, and below we provide a brief summary of the role of trees in getting rid of harmful gasses:

  • One hectare of forest absorbs dust and filters about 18 million cubic meters of air annually.
  • · One hectare of forest can absorb between 220 to 280 kg of carbon dioxide and release between 180 and 240 kg of oxygen gas.
  • · One hectare of Larix forest captures more than 70 kg of sulfur dioxide and one hectare of P. sylvestris forest holds more than 26 kg of sulphur dioxide.
  • · One hectare of Juniperus produces 30 kg of volatile antibacterial oils that clean the forest atmosphere of harmful microorganisms.
  • · The leaves of pine trees secrete volatile substances and oils that purify the atmosphere from germs and even eliminate tuberculosis spores, so it is recommended to plant them around hospitals and sanatoriums.
  • · Abies fir tree secretions eliminate large proportions of staphylococcal spores.
  • · Cedrus cedar forests are characterized by large levels of ozone gas under their umbrella.
  • · Myrtle, poplar, walnut, juniper, linden, and eucalyptus trees secrete antibacterial and antiviral substances and inhibit their activity
  • · Eucalyptus eucalyptus secretes insect and mosquito repellents.
  • · Green trees reduce the amount of solid and harmful pollutants in the air around cities and industrial areas by 100 to 1,000 times and can capture 40% to 80% of suspended particles.
  • · Dense forests and trees help reduce wind speeds that raise dust, resulting in a decrease in pollution by 30 to 40%.
  • · Pine, maple, apple, and oak species absorb toxic nitrogen oxides and clean the atmosphere of about 50% of toxic nitrogen dioxide.
  • · A kilogram of forest absorbs 120 kg of toxic carbon monoxide gas.


The role of forests in balancing carbon and protecting the environment:

Forests and agricultural lands, as classified by scientists, are one of the successful ways to rebalance the earth’s carbon, as forests and green plants are the first consumers of carbon and only it is to them that carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere in huge quantities.

Here we can understand the balancing role played by the forest, although it is affected by the greenhouse effect, it absorbs a large proportion of carbon gas in the atmosphere, thus creating a dynamic balance in the proportion of gases in the atmosphere, and for this reason, in addition to other economic reasons, the world has focused on expanding forest planting, maintenance, and protection. Dr. Sandra Postel of the Institute for Global Environmental Watch estimated that 130 million hectares of forest can absorb 660 million tons of carbon each year, dubbed the “carbon bank” as this area of forest, which is only twice the size of France, can absorb these huge amounts of carbon for thirty years and can restore degraded land to its natural state.

The aquaculture project not only provides the environment with a carbon balance, but also provides it with additional amounts of pure oxygen released from the trees, saving our lungs the trouble and damage of our breathing to polluted air filled with all forms of gaseous pollutants and dust, and provides the population with livelihoods and employment opportunities.

The aquaculture project not only provides the environment with a carbon balance, but also provides it with additional amounts of pure oxygen released from the trees, saving our lungs the trouble and damage of our breathing to polluted air filled with all forms of gaseous pollutants and dust, and provides the population with livelihoods and employment opportunities.

Procedures and decisions related to the protection and conservation of forests:

Issuing binding international and domestic legislation aimed at protecting forests.

Issuing legislation and procedures aimed at protecting plant species or varieties, especially within forests, from overexploitation.

Actions to conserve endangered plant species found in forests outside their natural habitat in reserves, botanical gardens, or gene banks.

Actions to curb pollution of the forest biosphere with all kinds of pollutants.

Prevent all acts that damage forests such as grazing, logging, camping, throwing waste, and setting fire inside the forest….).

Transfer all polluting industrial projects near forest areas to areas far from them in order to protect forests from all forms of pollution resulting from these factories.

Placing agricultural technical monitors to monitor wildlife in the forest and observe any defects, insect infestations, or epidemics that may damage the forest.

Placing an organized and mobile guard in forest areas deters anyone who damages the forest.

Establishing fire fighting units and centers close to forests.

Carrying out re-cultivation operations for the affected areas of the forest with new trees of the same type.

Tissue propagation of affected plant species and varieties in the forest by “plant cell and tissue culture laboratories” with the aim of producing sufficient numbers of strong and resistant seedlings.

Spreading cultural awareness that shows the importance and benefits of forests for human health and the environment in all media.


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