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what is a remote job

Top 10 Jobs in the World 2023

The best jobs in the world are the required jobs and the professions with the best salaries, and there are several criteria to determine who jobs the best jobs in the world, including job satisfaction, professional development, flexibility and balancing with personal life who jobs Because we know that you are looking for a career that provides you with financial and moral comfort,who jobs we have prepared for you today a list of the best jobs in the world in terms of income and growing demand, according to the latest current studies.who jobs


This article was prepared according to the statistics of the research conducted by Indeed for the top 10 jobs in the world for this year.

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List of the top 10 jobs in the world for 2023

Web developer

Data engineer

 Cloud systems engineer

Psychiatric nurse

Product Manager

Site Reliability Engineer

Product designer product designer

Logistics management

Data Science Manager

Machine learning engineer

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Web Developer Career 

The profession of web development comes first, and means designing and developing websites and applications, improving and creating the front and back ends of sites and applications, and it is also the task of developers to ensure the security and performance of applications or the site and provide a smooth user experience.


It comes at the top of the list of the best jobs in the world because the demand for web developers is constantly increasing, which is self-evident as we live in the era of digitization and technology, and its fields are diverse, in addition to the fact that the salaries of web developers are the most compared to the rest of the fields that we will mention.


Average annual salary: USD 129,637


Number of jobs available per million people: 1398 jobs.


Percentage of remote jobs: 51%

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Data Engineer Profession

The role of the engineer is to assemble and analyze huge quantities to reach through them the best practices needed, as it is considered one of the modern professions and is in great demand in the whole world.


It relies on a set of technical skills such as computer programming, statistical analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and requires analytical thinking, problem solving and good communication skills.


Average annual salary: 135.260$


Jobs Wanted: 879


Percentage of remote work: 44%

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Career as a cloud systems engineer

It is a job that is concerned with setting up storage systems that exist online instead of traditional physical servers, so it is one of the best jobs in the world, because many companies want to have their own systems that are more secure.


It also comes in third place as the highest paid jobs in the world among disciplines, due to the difficulty of finding specialists in the field of cloud engineering, and it is characterized as a job that provides its owners, whether in the field or remotely, by a large percentage.


The average annual wage: $133114.


Available jobs: 678.


Percentage of remote work: 42%

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Profession as a psychiatric nurse

The field of mental health is considered one of the best jobs in the world, because all societies nowadays are suffering from the emergence of modern mental illnesses, which makes the demand for its graduates increase with an increase in the wage ratio.


The nurse’s role is to assess and diagnose the patient’s condition, carry out specific treatment, monitor the patient’s psychological progress, communicate and collaborate with the comprehensive health care team, as well as guide and educate patients and the community about the most important mental disorders and treatment methods.


Annual Salary: $109.739.


Number of available positions: 537.


Online job percentage: 18%


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Production Manager Job

He is the person responsible for organizing and developing production processes in industrial institutions and companies, and what makes him one of the best jobs in the world for the coming years is the market’s large need for production managers, which means that it is a job that owns many businesses as well as high salaries and multiple advantages, as a result of the expansion of the economy and the development of the global market.


As for the tasks of this profession, they are:


Production Planning

Resource Management

Quality Assurance

Supply Chain Management

Production Control

Safety & Security Management

Annual Salary: $147135.

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Number of business in the world: 532 per million.

Online Job Percentage: 45%

Profession of Site Reliability Engineering

The specialization of site reliability engineering SRE is the specialization responsible for the high level of security in preserving the systems, services and products of an organization, because its salaries are high and flexible, meaning the possibility of working online by 120% is classified as one of the best jobs in the world.


Among the tasks of its specialists are:


Systems Analyst & Designer

Infrastructure configuration

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Service Fault Response Management

Performance Analysis

Annual Wage:$153134


Number of active works: 377.

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Product designer job

It is also one of the best jobs in the world, as it is associated with the world of industry and production, as product design is the most important part in the production of any digital or interactive products.


The role of the product designer is summarized in:


User needs analysis

User Interface Design

User Experience

Product Evaluation and Improvement

Annual wage: $121363.


Product Designer Jobs: 213.


Online Job Percentage: 55%

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Logistics Management Function

Logistics management is one of the best jobs in the world, because it is the only one capable of helping business owners overcome challenges in coordinating materials and meeting the needs of customers throughout the country, and it also has diverse fields, high wages and increasing demand as well, as for the tasks of its specialists, they are:


Transmission and distribution planning

Inventory Management

Transportation and Shipping Department

Operations Management & Continuous Improvement

The average annual wage for them is $64,836.


Job openings: 125.


Percentage of remote work jobs: 11%


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Data Science Management Job

It is one of the high-paying professions in the world, because this profession is concerned with providing the company with tools and systems with a machine learning system, such as the grading system for universities and the system of extracting thousands of data to make decisions.


It is one of the jobs that need a degree in computer science or the field of AI to work in this profession.


As for the tasks of this profession, they are:


Project Planning and Coordination

Team Leadership

Find and implement the best strategies

Operations & Resources Management

Annual wage for this field: $174,820.

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Job Opportunities: 35


Remote employment rate: 29%.


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Machine Learning Engineering Job

He is responsible for designing, developing and implementing machine learning models and systems, by transforming big data into learnable patterns, and uses AI techniques in their analysis and decision-making.


It is considered one of the best jobs in the world for adoption with various sectors such as health, trade, automotive industry and marketing based on AI science, and this is why the demand for them increases and thus they have diverse job opportunities and high salaries.


Annual wage: $153252.


Opportunities for employment: 246.

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Frequently asked questions

1 – What are the most in-demand jobs in the world?

There are many in-demand jobs such as game designer, software developer, sales engineer, virtual reality designer, blockchain technology expert, and technologists generally.


2 – What professions have a future?

They are the most in-demand professions in the world, and among the most prominent future specializations, renewable energy, cybersecurity, robotics, and nuclear engineering, and we have prepared a detailed article on the top 10 specializations of the future.


3 – What is the most lucrative profession in the world?

Human medicine with its various specialties, especially pediatricians, dentists, surgical specialists, engineering fields such as aviation, oil and petroleum, entrepreneurs and executives are the ones who receive the best wages in the world.

It should be noted that there are other professions, but it depends on the country, and Saudi Arabia as well as Gulf countries such as the UAE and European countries are among the highest paid countries in addition to America.


4 – What is a good job?

Professions that meet the basic needs to reach the decent life that each individual aspires to obtain, as well as 


The bottom line

Finally, we conclude that the jobs heading the best jobs in the world for 2023 are either technical or follow the medical fields and belong to mental health, and it should be noted that there are many other professions, but we have chosen for you the top 10 according to the style of work, high salaries, diverse job opportunities and demand rate.


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